Most-Followed-Candidates PollGasims = Emphasis on the “Act” and not the “Experience”

  • 10 % – The Candidate Is Clearly Flaccid
  • 30 % – The Campaign Is Gaining Firmness
  • 60 % – The Campaign Is Now Fully Erect
  • 80 % – The Lead Is Reaching Massive Proportions
  • 100 % – The Campaign Has Achieved Orgasmic Success

I understand that the people who report the “news” are not the people who actually “control” what information is delivered in the news. Although the reporters don’t control the content they have ALL gone absolutely nuts over “The Latest Poll Numbers on Any Subject”!

These many individuals are too intelligent to act so ignorant regarding something so important to our country and our future. Anyone who has taken any science classes or done any research regarding polling will recognize that there are many different Absolutely Critical considerations that should be explained prior to the delivery of any polling data. A single word can radically affect the individual question and the way it is received by the individual being questioned.

Many other such issues associated with timing, methods, previous questions & post questions, whether, telephone/computer access, etc.  All of these things contribute to the myriad of both known and unknown issues associated directly with the validity of any data generated from any polling process.

Margin Of Error, Standard Error, Sampling Error, Measurement Error, Non-response Error and many more serious vulnerabilities that are never even noted let alone explained to the viewer’s prior to the spouting of the results of the latest survey which may or may not be truthful. .

Shame on the producers of the news for this violation and shame on the announcers of the news who continue this masquerade! Will all of you please go back to school and study just a little bit about what you seem to be spending practically all of our time ridiculously focusing on PoleGasms!

To the #ShameShack with ALL of you until you FIX-IT!!!


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